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Hermaitage: “Glass Made to be Admired”

till 12.04.2019

The exhibition presents the finest works of
Western European and Russian artistic glassware from the 16th century through
to the early 20th, demonstrating the great variety of decorative treatments that have been given to glass articles.

International Exhibition “Petipa. Dancemania" to the 200th anniversary of Marius Petipa

till 24.02.2019

The exhibition presents sketches of costumes and scenery for the productions of Marius Petipa, a collection of photographs of the photo studio of Imperial Theaters, authentic stage costumes of the legendary premieres of the second half of the twentieth century. Theater and Music Museum. Address: Ostrovskogo square, 6.

Erarta: Aarno Rafael Minkkinen: “Moments of revelation”

18.01.2019 — 19.05.2019

Erarta museum presents 100 Surrealistic photographs revealing the beauty of nature and the human body by the Finnis-American renowned photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

Address: 29th Line Of Vasilievsky Ostrov, 2

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Exhibition Pieter Brueghel the Younger

Dates 20.03.2019 - 30.06.2019

Exhibition Pieter Brueghel the YoungerThe work "The Preaching of St John the Baptist" by Pieter Brueghel the Younger was not open for public for many years. The exhibition is open to the 10th anniversary of the restoration of the painting.

Place: Mensikov Palace, University Embankment, 15

Price: 5 euro, Hermitage and Mensikov Palace 10 euro

International Festival "Jazz spring in Saint-Petersburg "


14th annual jazz festival in Saint-Petersburg.

Place JFC Jazz Club

International Ballet Festival "Dance Open"


“Dance Open” is the largest ballet festival in Russia, gathering leading dancers and choreographers from around the world.

Place: Alexandrinsky Theater. New stage

Icebreaker Festival


The festival introduces the history of the development of the Arctic, the national icebreaker fleet and polar professions. . In the water area of the Big Neva one can see a waltz of tugs and an evening light show on icebreakers.

Place: Lieutenant Schmidt

Embankment, English Embankment, Neva water area

Concert of the group “Kiss”

Date: 11.06.2019
Legends of rock and roll band KISS will come to St. Petersburg as part of their world tour End Of The Road Tour.

Place Ice Ave. Pyatiletk, 1, metro station "Bolshevik Ave"

Price 47-105 euros

Concert: Rammstein is 25!

02.08.2019, Stadium "Saint-Petersburg Arena"

Rammstein is 25 years old, and their new release with the participation of the choir and orchestra will be the first full-length album for 10 years. Those who remember Rammsteinby the old videos on MTV should not be upset: Till Lindemann and the company still perform “Du hast”, “Ich will”, “Keine Lust” and other hits at concerts.



Tour will named after A-Ha first record “Hunting High and Low”.

Address Ice Palace, pr. Pyatiletok 1

Tickets price 41-100 euro